Saturday, August 8, 2015

Interview on 07-Aug-2015

Interview question for 4-8 years experience held on 07-Aug-2015
1.Tell me about your self
2.Day to day activity in office as oracle dba
3. What is the flow of select statement?
4.What are the steps for oracle RAC installation?
5.What is the purpose of standby redolog files? why it is used?
6.Difference between 10g and 11g?
7.One table is accidentally dropped by user. You don't have flash back feature enabled. Database is production database and in terms of TB. How to restore using RMAN?
8.What is the steps of physical standby creation?
9. What are difference between exp and expdp?
10.What is voting disk and ocr?
11. Why odd numbers of voting disks are used?
12.How to trouble shoot when one node is down in RAC? What are the possible reasons?
13. In expdp what method used to take backup byte or block?
14. What are the advantages of datapump over tradition export ?
15.Suppose a user is connected to the database. and mean the time listner get down. What would happen to that user? When the user will give a statement will that process?
16.User complained one query is not performing well ? what action will be taken? index is already present in a column. Now we create primary key on that column. will new index will be created?
18. One big transaction was going on and client machine got rebooted. At that time what would happen to that transaction. If it roll back then which process will do this?
19. How to recover undo tablespace?
20 How to recover if redolog files got deleted?
21.What are the steps to create asm instance?
22. What is SCAN listner?
23.If one archive log file has not been applied and it got deleted. How to make standby database sync with primary database?
24.Explain different background process of RAC?
25. Explain background process for ASM?

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