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Oracle DBA Interview Questions

Oracle DBA interview 09-Feb-2012 :-

1)What are the basic steps in upgrading 10g to 11g?
2)What is the difference between opatch napply and opatch apply?What is cpu patch?
3)How to determine parallel option in datapump?
4)you have rman full backup at 9p.m. and one table got droped
5)What are the portions you would look in AWR report?and how you are going to troubleshoot?
6)What is present in the tkprof report?
7)How to enable the trace at a session and what you will get from it?
8)One query is giving more time while executing for last one month?But you can not rewrite the logic and index and all fine?
9)Oracle 10g database.One table is droped one hour ago by mistake and you donot have the backup and flash back feature is not enabled?How you will able to recover?
10)How to delete materialize view logs?
11) We cannot rewrite the query due to business logic and statistics gather and index creation is correct for this query.This query is slow in giving result? How to troubleshoot it?

Oracle DBA interview 10-Feb-2012 :-

1)What is instance?
2)What is the advantage of RMAN?
3)What is block corruption and how to recover it?
4)What happens during begin backup mode?
5)What are the different mode of dataguard?
6)How many standby database can be configured?
7)What is SQL profile?
8)what is the db file sequential read and db file scatter read events?
9)How to find one query is running in which database ?
10)What is the difference between level 0 and level 1 backup?
11)CPU utilization is more in a server, What would be your action to reduce the utilization?
12)How to check which patch is applied in the server?
13)What is the advantage of datapump over traditional export,import?
14)what is the parameter to import from one schema to another schema both in data pump and tradition import?
15)What is the difference between oracle 10g and 11g?

Oracle DBA 4-5 years of experience

1)What is file system?
2)What are the steps involved during the sql statement exectuion?
3)What is symantics check?
4)What is tablespace?
5)Difference between hot backup and rman bacukup?
6)What are the advantages of rman backup?
7))what is the easiest way to create pfile if it is lost?
8)How to arrange 4 files in asending order in linux?
9)How oracle block depends upon operating system blocks?
10)How to determine the size of oracle block before setting?
11)what is the internal activity happen during the select statement?
12)what are the difference between block,extent,segment,tablespace?
13)Can extent spread across multiple datafile?
14)Can we insert,update,delete multiple rows in a single sql statement?
15)What are the parameter used in tkprof tool?
16)If a query is behaving very slowly what would be your approach?
17)What happends during statics gather?
18)How Oracle generate the  exectution plan?
19)What is weight of a query?
20)How to determine the cost of a query?
21)What are the portion you would look into an AWR report?
22)What are the monitoing tool you used?
23)Brifely describe about your project?
24)Difference between locally managed and dictionary managed tablespace?
25)Is tablespace header contain information about the tablespace?
26)What is the difference between materlize view and dynamic view?
27)How to determine what should be the size of SGA and PGA ?
28)How to determin what are the current user connect to the database?
29)What are the difference between active,inactive and idle session?
30)What are the activity ideally one DBA should know?
31)what is your role in the relase managemnt activity?
32)How are you giving privilages to user account?
33)how to create 100 user account in a database?
34)Can you write shell script program?
35)What is the difference between undo tablespace and temporary tablespace?
36)What are the contents of SGA?
37)What is the functionality of share pool?
38)what is PCT free and PCT used block?
39)What happen during index rebuilt?
40)What is partion?
41)What the differenece between index oraganize and bit map index?
42)Why you want to rebuild the index?

Oracle DBA interview--4-5 years of experience

1)Tell me about your self?
2)What do you know about Roberbosh?
3)How to configure shared server in oracle database?
4)What is the difference between shared and dedicated server?
5)How to determine what should be the PGA size?
6)What do you mean by cursor?
7)How to determine what should be the cursor sharing?
8)How to determine the load in the database?
9)How to recove when redolog file is corrupted? many senarios
10)How to recover the datafile?
11)What is consistency =y in export?
12)What happen when staticts=n?
13)what is compress=y in export?
14)What are the differece between export and expdp?
15)What is the advantage of using directory in datapump?
16)difference between shutdown immediate and transactional?
17)What are the wait events?Give any 5 wait events functionality?
18)Write on shell script to perform one simple activity?
19)What are the contents of tkprof? give one description?
20)How to fill the archive log gap?

Oracle DBA  4-5 years of experience:-

In Motorola I had 2 telephonic technical round and one face to face director round and rest of the HR round are through telephonic only.

1)Tell me about your self?
2)Tell me about your project?
3)Can you describe about the data guard configuation?
4)Wha is the contents of SGA and describe about them?
5)How to recover a datafile?
6)Waht is block coruption and what are the steps involved?
7)How to remove the archive log gap in dataguard?
8)What are all the steps you will do when a query is too slow?
9)What are the major challenges you face in your project?
10)What are the tools used to monitor the performance?
11)Waht are the advantage of rman?
12)What is your backup stragy in your project?
13)Asked on senario for recovery?

Oracle DBA --4-5 years exp:-

Oracle having 4 round.One written,one technical,one managerial and one Director round

1)Tell me about your self?
2)What happen during one sql exectution?
3)How block transtion happen during roll back between undo tablespace and database buffer cache?
4)What are the network files available and what are the functionality of those?
5)What is static registration in listner?
6)Can we change the port number of 1251?If yes how?
7)how oracle will know which port to listen when multiple listener present?
8)does dictionary cache contain dynamic view?
9)Describe few errors which you might have faced?
10)What are the contents of alert log file?
11)How oracle database maintains the consistency?
12)What is the difference between connection and sessoin?
13)What are the difference between idle and active and inactive session?
14)What is the content of sqlnet.ora,tnsnames.ora and listner.ora file?
15)What is SGA and what are the functionality of those?


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  2. After coming this blog, I have learned so many things. Thank you friend keep posting like this.
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  3. After coming this blog, I have learned so many things. Thank you friend keep posting like this.
    Oracle DBA Online Training