Friday, October 12, 2012

Agent installation

Agent Installation:-
In 11g OEM agent installation can be performed in the OEM itself with out any issue.
Click on Deployment à Agent Installation

Select on Fresh Install

Accept ALL appropriate values below
(1) Select the agent software version
(2) Select Platform32 or 64 bit (Linux)
(3) Provide Host List= Host_name with
(4) If it’s a cluster:
(5) CHECK box for: Cluster Install
(6) Cluster Node List= Host_name1, Host_name2, Host_name3 (without )
(7) Cluster Name= ( It should be the same name as when you set up GRID clustering.
Example ls -l /u01/app/11.2.0/grid/cdata)
(8) OS credentials must be the same on all the hosts =
- check login before install
 (9) DO NOT check Run ( you need to run after the install
(10) Installation Base Directory=/u01/app/oemagent - check existens and permissions for oemagent OS user
(11) Load Balancer Host=
(12) Load Balancer Port=
(13) Management Server Registration Password=

After the install completes stop the agent and run (as root)

In case of cluster ssh should be enable and password authentication and public authentication should be true.
After making all proper on the submit button.It will go to the next page and it will validate all the pre-requisite and then it will install.

Once everything success window page come.
After that you have to configure the database,listener and +ASM so that they will be available in the OEM by selecting the server name in the home page.

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