Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Password file authentication implementation

Password file authentication implementation:-



Password is associate with only one instance.
Password file can be modify mean we add more users to the password file by granting sysdba or sysopera priviliage to users.


This can be shared among multiple databases.
Basically in RAC where multiple instances shared the same password file. So in RAC environment the instances path should point to the same password file.
The password file cannot be modify.
This mode allow non sys users to use the password file to connect database.


This mode indicates that password file is not exist.
No privilege users allowed for non-secure connection.

Orapwd file=orapworcl password=oracle force=y entries=30 ignorecase=n

File=The name of the file in which encrypted password is stored. You can specify full path along with the name of the file

Password=This the password which will be used for authentication.

Force=This parameter value Y means it will forcefully create and if any  file with same name already  present, then it would overwrite on it.

Entries=This parameter indicates maximum number of allowed users that can use the password file. Hence during the creation of the password file you should choose an appropriate value.

Ignorecase=The value is Y means the password will not be case sensitive and default value is N.

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