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Mango Mist Resort Blog

Time fly very soon. It looks to me like my marriage happen just few days before, however it had completed 1095 days and still counting was going on.I was happy that it went so soon.It was time for my 3rd Anniversary.I had to think some plan for this. I had 2 choices, either visit some place out of Bangalore or some place near . After doing all the permutation and combination I came to the conclusion to go for a place near by Bangalore. The good reason was it may be difficult to handle my lovely child for making a trip out of Bangalore. Now the big question was where to go. I had to spend one day with my sweet family, so resort might be a good option. It was not a difficult task to choose which resort as internet  made things very easy. After taking few research and advice from friends, I decided to go for Mango Mist Resort.

I got some good feedback from friends about this resort. So thought to take a chance. It was time for booking. I checked in the internet and it was damn easy process for booking.They provide 30% discount on weekdays and 10% on weekends. I was happy that I might get 30% discount as I was planning for Friday. However as per Mango Mist Friday is weekend. Hence I dint have any other option rather than satisfied with 10% discount only. :)

The travel day had arrived and it was time to ready for Mango Mist. The huddle was how to reach. I didn't have a car to visit that place. However I was amazed to know  that OLA Cab service(  was present in that area. So I used this service. I started around 11:15 a.m and reached the place by 12:30 P.M. The security guy in the resort check my details and gave me the way to reach  Mango Mist reception. They were very friendly.After initial verification process, we straight head to wards our cottage. We had booked Neelum cottage which was well maintained.The room  was  all the basic amenities which required for hotel room. Room was made with wood and bamboo. Room size was approximately 12-12 feet size. The background of the wall was with bamboo sticker.  It had 2 chair with one table where one can take Tea/Coffee or other beverage. There was wooden hanger where one can hang his/her dress. The room was having one small tool where land phone was present.  The guest can call to reception,room service,maintenance,security etc. There was a self where one can place the mobile charger,room key and all. AC was present on head side of the wall. There were 2 windows in the room and the outer view was wonderful. There was western bathroom attached with the room.It was well maintained and having all the basic facility  which make you feel like in nature. Overall I feel room condition was awesome. So after reached the room we thought to take some rest and then will go for lunch.

 We started for lunch around 2 p.m. After reaching the buffet area, we were amazed with variety of food. The exception was food taste should be at least ok. However after lunch we felt it
 was a good decision to take lunch in buffet. Planty of variety food was available which included both veg and non-veg. The item included were veg soup,chicken soup,french fries,gobi manchurian,
 grape juice,plane rice,sambar,pulao,chicken biriyani,veg noodle,veg curry,Chicken tikka masala,chicken roggan curry,chapati,naan,salad of different variety etc. In the desert it was
 ice creem, gulab jamun, kheer. The best part of this lunch was that we eat food in an open area where mango trees were present. The wind was flowing very slowly which was very relaxing.
 Me and my better half enjoyed the food. Since food was too heavy, so thought to take some rest. So we went to the cottage.

 In the evening we started roaming different parts of the resort for relaxation. My cottage surrounding was with full of mango trees. Although it was summer season we never felt like we are having sweat or anything  like that. Wind flow was very smooth. We took some photo of resort as well as ours, in order kept for future memories.We went to pool area,bar area,rock climb area,indoor game and outdoor game area.In the evening, we played table tennis,  however we have to  interrupted in the mid as my little baby was very fast in moving one place to other place. Since we need his constant attention so we stopped the game soon. In the evening we were coming   from indoor game to rain dance area,suddenly my son ran in the opposite direction of us. So we both( me and wife) just hide behind the tree, so  that my tinny little champ will not able to find us.
 The boy ran for few yards in the opposite direction and after that he realised that he is alone. So he started return back in our direction. The best part was he didn't cry or scared of dark.
He just reached to the same place where he departed from us. After looking this thing I felt very happy that he is brave.In the rain dance area music was loud and rain was very smooth. People were dancing.It was nice to watch them.

In the night we thought for a la carte  rather then buffet as lunch was little heavy.We order chili chicken,stuff paratha,garlic naan to our room. We really enjoy the food,drink and music. The wind was as usual very refreshing. So we thought to spend some quality time outside of our resort. We sit together,relaxed and discuss various subjects. We never noticed it was around 1:30 a.m. So went for good sleep.

In the morning we wake up and went for breakfast. It was very nice and having lots  of variety in food.The items included like idly,dosa (plan/masala/set), rasam, sambar, chatani, puri, sabji, egg, bread, jam,upma,different types of salad,Tea/Coffee,Juice etc. It was too much and food was really tasty.After breakfast it was time for some activity. So we went to activity areas and participated in rope climbing,fish spa and other  activity. The Fish spa was the very smoothing and interesting. We really enjoyed.

Time went very fast that I never realized that time has come for leaving. We got a call from reception about out time. So we packed and gave the keys to the reception. I request that although
I was doing checkout,however want to spend some more time. They are very politely agree my request. So I kept my luggage in the reception and went for some fun. I had not available the welcome drink so went to the counter and took that. This was also great. After that we did our lunch which was very good.So that time has came for packed off. So booked a cab in OLA again and moved for
sweet lovely home. Reached home around 4:30 p.m in the evening.

I strongly feel and recommend Mango Mist resort who ever want to pay a visit for honeymoon/anniversary etc. I feel happy with the atmosphere and service of Mango Mist.
Lunch was again great

The booking can be done using below URL

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